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THIS WAS YOUR TIME (2022) -A music video for the artist, "Harry Taylor 

I'm the one (2018)- a short film about the judgemental nature of mankind.
Same Every Day(2019)- A music video for the band, "None of the Above".
10 seashells aparT (2021) - A fatal disease has struck a small island off the coast of the British Isles. Young Cecily and Nicolas are determined to adventure to the mainland, to find a cure, before the deadly illness wipes out their community. 
Dear Lizzie (2019)- A young boy receives a Christmas present from his Great Aunt that reveals a heart-breaking secret about her life during the war. 
Reach (2020)- A micro short about "reaching for the stars"
Project in development (2022)


PERFECTION 1309 ( SCRIPT TO SCREEN 2018)-In the near future it's a better world. There are no imperfections, but at what cost...?
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (Script to Screen 2019)-A group of misfits band together to leave their old world behind and strike out on their own.
The QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN PINECONE (Script to Screen Easter 2019- Three very different groups of adventurers embark on an outdoor quest, each with their own agenda. They are forced to work together after an unexpected supernatural entity leads them astray. Will they make it out of the forest and complete their quest?


A small selection of my short films.
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