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Hey, I am Eden, a filmmaker from Wales UK, and have been creating visual stories from a very young age. Every minute of my free time in my childhood was spent with my Mini Ipad and iMovie, henceforth my passion for filmmaking emerged. 


At the age of 11, I wrote my first short film script “Happy Ever After” , and at the age of 13, I called on the support of friends and family to fill the roles of cast and crew. I was able to gain a valuable understanding of how the different processes of filmmaking were woven together and this was essential to produce a film that both myself and the audience were truly happy with. I entered my film into The International KidsNFilm Festival in Vallejo, California, excited that this would mean it would have an opportunity to be seen by a wider audience. I was beyond thrilled when ‘Happy Ever After’ won Best Narrative Short Film Ages 13-17.

Following ‘Happy Ever After’, I caught the filmmaking bug, and truthfully I couldn’t stop writing, creating and producing films. I thoroughly enjoyed being around a team of people who shared a deep love and appreciation for the same things as myself. 


In 2018, my short film ‘I’m the One’ (a single take film about the judgemental nature of mankind), had the honour of being converted into an educational resource by "Into Film" and Anti Bullying Charity "Kidscape" to be used as training for teachers, and in the classroom across the UK. I was absolutely thrilled of the prospect that one of my projects could be used to educate young people and allow them to think about their preconcieved judgements of other people. 

Following this, ‘I’m the One’ won Best film aged 11-15 at the 2020 Into Film Awards. 

In 2022, I was given the honour of being awared Into Films ‘One to Watch’. Into Film is an organisation I have adored since becoming a YAC Cymru member (Youth Advisory Committee) from 2020, so to have been recognised by the organisation as someone who will hopefully continue to make films and create stories, is such an exciting prospect.


I have continued to create short films throughout my teenage years that have been lucky enough to win a number of awards at various festivals around the world, alongside having filmed and edited a number of further promotional videos for several organisations. I have also had the opprutnity to gain some fantastic practical industry experience that has further confirmed and validated my love for film, such as working at Dragon Sparks Productions, Eat Sleep Media and Bad Wolf Studios. I truly believe that these experiences have all been highly beneficial in developing a valuable insight to how these amazing charities and companies work together and support one another. 


I am also beyond proud to be an ambassador for the Anti Bullying Charity Kidscape, and hope to encourage young people to value their individuality and follow the path that inspires them! Alongside this, CMTC-OVM is a rare skin disease organisation, in which I myself as a patient, am also an ambassador for. I have created several promotional videos for both charities in hope to make a small contribution to their outstanding work, in any way I can.


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