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You just know when you have a passion for something, because no matter what, you always get that same kick of adrenaline every time.

In my early years, I spent a lot of time acting and performing. I always made fun, short videos in which I would always be the star!  However, it was not until I grew a little that I began to realise I was not making films for the sake of seeing myself, but I was developing a love for creating stories, being able to follow through a vision from beginning to end.  I struggle to imagine myself doing anything different now.

I completed my first short film at the age of 13, HAPPY EVER AFTER and was blessed to receive such commitment and support from friends and family to make my first project possible.  

The following year, I completed my second short film aged 14, I’M THE ONE. I wanted to experiment with how far I could push myself.  The more difficult the challenge, the more excited and motivated I become.  So, I decided that ‘I’m the One’ was going to be a single-take film, something I knew nothing about.  However, when this film was completed, the new skills proved so worthwhile, helping me to develop a deeper understanding of filmmaking’s endless possibilities.

Mid 2019, I began filming my third short, TOFFEE, starring a rescue dog and an extremely talented young actor. I have never worked with animals before, and I really found it helped me to develop a new discipline and understanding around filmmaking.  Through each short film, I am constantly in awe of the outstanding, local talent I witness behind and in front of the cameras.


I consider myself extremely lucky to receive constant mentorship and guidance from incredibly dedicated and talented filmmakers; as well as from friends working in the industry. I am forever thankful for the joy and passion each share with me, through their love of what they do.






My love for making films continues to grow and I hope that with each new project, I can bring something new and exciting to the screen. 



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