As a filmmaker and a member of the CMTC-OVM (rare diseases) family I was asked to travel to The Netherlands to film their Annual Global Family Fun Day at the famous Efteling Theme Park. I produced three promotional videos for the organisation and subtitled them in four different languages (Spanish, German, Dutch and French).  I am very grateful for the opportunity and the experience.

A trip to Sky Gardens and a tutorial from my talented friend, Sam Jae, prepared me for my trip to The Netherlands to film for the CMTC-OVM Global Family Day.

Here is a short video that I made from my time there.

Website for CMTC-OVM:

On set of my short film, TOFFEE.  As a 15 year old filmmaker, I wouldn't have been able to make this wonderful film without such supportive and talented family and friends. 

'I'm The One' is my first single-take film.  It was also my first attempt at using a steadicam and so practised for months before the shoot.

I have attended a number of residential filmmaking courses with Pauline Quirke Academy's PQATV Script-to-Screen.  Working collaboratively with the teachers and students we created short films during the week which were showcased at Cineworld Cinemas at different venues in London. Each of the courses have given me invaluable filmmaking experiences and the opportunity to work with, and learn from, highly experienced professionals.

There is something wonderful about entering your short films into film festivals.  Knowing that there is a chance that audiences from around the world may get to see what you have worked hard to create.

It was an absolute honour meeting Luke Evans at an INTO FILM Q&A and listening to him give a talk about his acting journey.  I am very thankful to INTO FILM CYMRU and look forward to being part of their Youth Advisory Council.

I joined PQA Cardiff  at the age of 11 and spent over 4 years studying Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre and Film & Television. The teachers at PQA Cardiff helped nurture my passion for filmmaking and it was here I met some of my greatest friends. 

Pictured here with PQA Cardiff Principal Tom Barker, Deputy Principal Laura Kirkup and teachers, Jack Browse, Jack Beresford and Rachel Price.

I was thrilled and honoured to have been asked to join KIDSCAPE as an ambassador.  It is my hope that I will be able to use my filmmaking skills to help promote the amazing work of this fantastic, anti-bullying organisation.

Created by Eden Quine-Taylor and Sharon Quine 2020